The V Foundation’s mission has always been focused: to save lives by finding cures for cancer.

We’ve funded hundreds of grants since 1994. Each one has been directed to physicians and scientists who have pioneered techniques to make breakthroughs in cancer research. By investing in these extraordinary people and their projects, we continue to make great strides in unraveling the mysteries of cancer.

We award grants through a highly competitive process led by a prestigious Scientific Advisory Committee. The committee ensures that only the projects with the most potential for success are funded, which means grant recipients supported by the V Foundation enjoy excellent reputations within the scientific community.

The V Foundation awards four types of grants: the V Scholar Grant, the V Foundation Grants in Translational Cancer Research, Designated Grants and Mission Grants. Scientists who receive these grants often receive additional funding, helping them produce results and enable them to move from the lab to clinical trials. With each and every breakthrough, they advance the cures for cancer.

We invite you to explore the grants we have awarded, learn some surprising cancer facts and share in some of the biggest ideas.

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