Remembering Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott embodied passion. Like his friend Jim Valvano, he desperately wanted to claim victory over cancer. And he fought, not only for himself, but for those segments of the population disproportionately impacted by the disease. Stuart's passion continues.

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Victory over cancer

"Don't give up ... Don't ever give up!"® These words by Jim Valvano serve as the guidepost for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Founded by Jim and ESPN, the V Foundation supports doctors, researchers and more in their quest to beat cancer once and for all. Jim believed it was possible. And with your help, we move closer to his dream every day.

Remembering Jim

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There is more than just one type of cancer. Which means there is more than one way to fight it. The V Foundation is unique in that our grants go to funding cures for an array different of cancer types.

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Since 1993, Jim’s memory has lived on in the V Foundation’s goal to declare victory over cancer.

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Since Jim and ESPN started the V Foundation in 1993, we have been incredibly fortunate to work with dedicated, passionate partners in the quest to declare victory over cancer.

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