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Jimmy V’s Osteria & Bar: Amazing Food, Atmosphere & Cause!

If you are a Raleigh-Cary native, you may have noticed the new hot spot downtown at the Sheraton. If you aren’t in the area- you need to mark down this restaurant as a MUST stop when you come by. The hot spot that I am talking about is Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar. Tonight is the grand opening celebration, and in case you can’t make it- I’m going to make you a bit jealous right now. First- let’s talk about the INCREDIBLE food that the restaurant has. My favorite dish was the Bourbon barbeque pulled chicken. The slaw that was […]

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Where we started, where we are, and where we want to be: 20th Anniversary Book

It is hard to believe that is has been 20 years since Valvano took the stage at the ESPYs and announced the formation of The V Foundation. The people who watched the speech first-hand often remark that the time has flown by. Indeed it has. But it is important to remember exactly what has happened in these past 20 years. The V Foundation has created a 20th Anniversary book that represents where we started, where we are, and where we want to be. The book highlights how the idea of the Foundation came to be and shares stories from Jim’s […]

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A message from Greeny

In the fall of 2002, I took a day off from work to be with my daughter, then not quite two, on what I viewed as the most important day of her life. Her first day of school. It was a two’s program, ninety minutes per day, three days per week, but to me it felt like she was going off to college. My wife Stacy was hugely pregnant at the time, and so was another of the moms we met at the school, and the two of them immediately gravitated to each other in the way that all hugely […]

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Day of Giving with Jersey Mike’s!

Corporate philanthropy is a blooming trend; social responsibility makes the customer happy, which makes the company happy.  Companies often donate 5, 10, 25 percent of sales during a given time period and all parties are pleased.  But how many companies can claim they donate 100% of sales to charity? That’s right, 100%. Jersey Mike’s Subs can. Jersey Mike’s Subs will host its annual “Day of Giving” on Wednesday, March 27 and donate all revenue earned on this day to a variety of charities across the nation. All 24 Jersey Mike’s restaurants in the Triangle area will donate specifically to The […]

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The Number 1 Question

Day by day, week by week, I get the same question on Twitter and Facebook.  And it’s not what you think. It’s not about research or basketball. It’s not about how much fun it is to work at The V Foundation or how I constantly come up with funny jokes for the blog (Don’t laugh too hard!) Nope- it’s about the swag. Yep, t-shirts, wristbands, hats, etc. is what everyone wants to know about. Normally, my answer is not very fun.  But today it is.  We are excited to announce The V Foundation online shop! At the moment we have […]

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Our 20th Anniversary…Starts today!

Normally when someone is celebrating their 20th what is really being celebrated is the countdown to 21. That’s not the case with us. We are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary…all year long. We are going to talk about what it’s like to be 20. The amazing things that have happened in cancer research since 1993. Inspiring people who have helped us in many ways throughout the past 20 years. Today is not the only day we are going to celebrate- it just marks the beginning. The question really is…are you going to join us? Here’s how to be a part […]

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In this case: V is for Victory!

It’s that time of year again when we  reflect on those special people who have impacted our lives  in a meaningful way. Back in March of 2006, I went into the hospital for a fairly straightforward biopsy procedure. When I awoke from the anesthesia, I saw my wife (Kathleen)  crying as she had already learned what I was soon to hear……that despite not having any symptoms at the time,  I was deemed to  have Metastatic Melanoma and was classified as being Stage IV. Thanks to Dr. Joe Moore (Duke Doctor and fellow The V Foundation Board Member), I was able to get […]

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United Women

Today’s post is from a member of The V Foundation’s Board of Directors. Donna Orender is the former commissioner of the WNBA  and the producer & founder of Generation W, a women’s leadership conference successfully launched in 2012. It was a wonderful crisp Friday evening, a perfect evening for a high school football game. We were a group of parents happily together, watching the game and supporting our kids from afar, heaven forbid they be seen with us. My phone rang and it was one of my dearest friends. I was going to call her back but there was this catch […]

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Worth the Investment

By Miles Washburn52nd International President of the Delta Chi Fraternity It is nice to know where your money goes.  If you take the time to raise money, do the work, get involved and invest your resources and emotions, it really is nice to know where your money goes.  In the case of The V Foundation, all your money goes to cancer research.  Not part of it, not a percentage but all of it.  That is 100% of every dollar raised goes towards cancer research.  Personally, I think that is very impressive. I wish I could get that rate of return on […]

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Why we work at The V Foundation

Kaylon Kirk, Communications Intern, is a senior at UNC-CH’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  Why join The V Foundation in the fight against cancer? We’ve got 22 million reasons. That’s how many new cancer cases have been diagnosed since 1990, and there will be 1.6 new cases diagnosed this year. That’s 1,500 people per day. These people are our friends, family and neighbors. That’s why we’re here. “They say cancer doesn’t discriminate, but it certainly seems to touch the best and brightest among us,” said Mary Umstead, Administrative Assistant. “If I can be even a small part of funding […]

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