The Funding Process

Jim Valvano’s dream and The V Foundation’s mission of finding a cure for cancer can best be accomplished through funding essential cancer research. Since the Foundation’s inception, research projects have been conducted by some of the brightest young scientists in laboratories conducting basic cancer research. The recipients of these two-year, $200,000 grants are designated “V Scholars.” Our V Scholar Grant provides the essential funds to support young tenure-track faculty as they begin their cancer research career, allowing the V Scholar to decide how best to use these funds in his or her research project.

The V Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee, which annually participates in the selection of grants, created this funding process. Each year, the Foundation invites the 60+ National Cancer Institute-designated cancer facilities to nominate researchers for funding consideration. Additionally, prominent cancer centers across the country are invited to apply for funding. The Scientific Advisory Committee reviews proposals and makes all funding recommendations.

Each funded researcher is required to provide The V Foundation with a project status report by December 31 of the first year. The Foundation also receives copies of any publications highlighting the work of V Scholar and Translational Grant recipients. Our organization strives to meet with our scientists annually to better understand the challenges and progress occurring in their fields.

In 2000, The V Foundation also created a Translational Grant program that includes aspects of translational and clinical research. Translational research is the process of translating basic scientific discoveries into clinical applications, such as new diagnostics and treatments. Translational research serves as a bridge between the lab bench discoveries and the patient bedside. Information collected at the patient bedside can circle back to the laboratory to fuel additional discoveries. These grants are $600,000, three-year commitments.

It is our hope that these funding initiatives will bring us – step by step – closer to discovering the causes and developing the cures for the more than 100 diseases that are cancer.

The V Foundation Research Grants

The V Foundation for Cancer Research currently awards the following three types of grants:

The V Scholar Program – Designed to identify, retain and further the careers of talented young investigators. Provides funds directly to scientists developing their own independent laboratory research projects. These grants enable talented young scientists to establish their laboratories and gain a competitive edge necessary to earn additional funding from other sources. The V Scholars determine how to best use the funds in their research projects. The grants are $200,000, two-year commitments.

The V Foundation Grants in Translational Clinical Research – Facilitate the transition of projects from the laboratory to the clinic. Translational researchers seek to apply basic knowledge of cancer and bring the benefits of the new basic-level understandings to patients more quickly and efficiently. These grants are $600,000, three-year commitments.

The Designated Grant Program – Designated grants are inspired by particular areas of scientific interest and/or geographic reach. They are selected on the basis of scientific merit, as determined by our scientific advisors.