Grant Application

The V Foundation for Cancer Research does not accept unsolicited funding applications.

The V Foundation submits Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to the Directors of National Cancer Institute-designated facilities and prominent universities involved in critical cancer research throughout the United States.

Translational and V Scholar RFPs are sent in January, with nominations due by the end of February and applications due by the end of March. All grants are awarded no later than September 30.

This letter details all opportunities available for funding from The V Foundation. Each facility is invited to nominate one proposal for each grant category.

If you currently work at one of these facilities, contact the Office of the Director at your cancer center for details of grants that may apply to your proposed or ongoing research.

Grant proposals are screened and ranked individually by members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, and then they are discussed by the entire group for a final ranking.

Designated grants are inspired by particular areas of scientific interest and/or geographic reach. They are selected on the basis of scientific merit, as determined by our scientific advisors.

For more information about our grant process, please e-mail us at

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