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Funding Research, Funding Hope: How Grants are Saving Lives

At some point, cancer became a numbers game. Statistics left the doctor’s office and entered our personal evaluations of our own lives and futures. She has six months to live. He’s in stage 4. I have a 66% shot at surviving. Chad Jones beat neuroblastoma, thanks in part to cancer research   These statistics are powerful. They are supported by data. They are undeniably valuable. But, while these numbers do represent truth, they represent only half of the truth. The reality of cancer includes another half not bound by statistical calculations. The reality of cancer includes family and friends who […]

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Four Years, Four Stars from Charity Navigator

The holiday season is here. Children are creating wish lists. Adults are planning trips. And, stores are stocking up on all the latest toys and gadgets. The holiday season is a season of giving. For most, the holiday season also means a time to give back. When you are selecting a charity to support, you want to make sure you’re giving to the right cause and all of your donations are being allocated effectively. That is why you should donate to The V Foundation this holiday season and throughout the year. On November 6, The V Foundation received its fourth […]

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V Scholar Discovers Link Between Hispanic Women and Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Article by Carole C. Wegner, PhD Doctors have long known Hispanic women have a lower risk of breast cancer compared to women of African American or European ancestry. An average of 90.8 women in every 100,000 Hispanic women develop breast cancer, while 121 women in every 100,000 African American women and 133 women in every 100,000 Caucasian women develop breast cancer. But, the basis of this ethnic and racial difference was not known. Dr. Luis Carvajal-Carmona, a 2013 V Scholar grant recipient from the University of California, Davis, and his colleagues have found a BRCA1 mutation or variant in the […]

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Jimmy V Merchandise Pays Homage to a Legend

Jim Valvano may be most renowned as the vibrant, affable coach who led the N.C. State Wolfpack to its second NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship in 1983. But, he is also legendary for his valiant fight against cancer and his desire to eradicate the condition once and for all. His foundation – The V Foundation for Cancer Research – proudly upholds his legacy, continues his work to further cancer research and tirelessly pursues his dream of a cancer-free world. Are you a basketball fan, a cancer survivor, a patient or a caregiver? Are Jimmy V and The V Foundation […]

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Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar: Serving Great Food and Great Support

  “Call me the Will Rogers of eating. I never met a meal I did not like.” — Jim Valvano Just over a year ago, in the heart of Jimmy V territory, the coach’s legacy came to life once again. Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar makes sure no one in Raleigh has to eat a bad meal. It’s no surprise that a menu inspired by Jim’s classic family recipes and general love for good food has found such success only minutes from NC State University. Since its September 2013 grand opening, Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar has pledged 2.5% of […]

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One in a Million

We often use the phrase “everyone is touched by cancer.” Most of the time, no one disagrees with that statement. In fact, 95% of the staff at The V Foundation for Cancer Research have either faced cancer personally or have a loved one who has faced cancer. Defeating cancer is our cause, partly because we all know someone in the fight. Not Dave Rickert.                     Rickert has not faced cancer personally, nor does he have a loved one facing cancer. He simply wants to help people. Rickert, President of BroadData Conferencing […]

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How Hooters Helped Save My Life

Article by Jan-Marie Merrill                     Over the last decade, Hooters has proudly raised nearly $2 million for The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Much of it was raised in honor of the late Kelly Jo Dowd, one of the original Hooters Girls, who valiantly battled breast cancer for five years before she succumbed in 2007. Funds help to further important scientific cancer research and Kelly Jo’s mission to educate all women about the importance of early breast cancer detection and treatment. *** It’s quite easy for some people to dismiss Hooters […]

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Running for Bill at the NYC Marathon

When Michael Gosselin first heard of his brother Bill’s diagnosis, he was in shock. With a background in biological sciences, he knew he would be the one to explain the logistics to his mom, Bill’s wife and his brother’s four children. Bill was diagnosed with oral cancer in May. Yet, the family remained hopeful, despite the extreme pain their husband, father, brother and son was feeling. Though unable to swallow food, Bill attended his daughter’s graduation from college in Vermont and continued to work to support his family until he was no longer able to do so.       […]

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Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

If there’s one thing that’s near and dear to my Hooters family, it’s supporting the fight against breast cancer. I’m proud to be one of more than 18,000 Hooters Girls around the globe and part of a workforce made up of 70% women. I might be a little biased, but I can’t think of another dining destination as uniquely qualified to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research! Throughout the month of October, I am encouraging all of America to support our Hooters locations across the nation in the fight against breast cancer. Over the last decade, Hooters has […]

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NANT means New Therapy, New Hope

By Carole Wegner, Ph.D., Director of Grants for The V Foundation  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a remarkable team of scientists, health care providers, patient advocates and a healthy young girl, Cathryn, who survived neuroblastoma and is now not only surviving, but thriving! You would never guess this beautiful, intelligent and charming 10-year-old child was severely ill several years ago. We met at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to discuss a program called the “New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy” (NANT), which has provided innovative therapies for over 600 neuroblastoma patients from 2000-2013 who, unlike Cathryn, did not respond to […]

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